Tai Chi Gong at Willow Grove Springs Retreat Happening Now!

These lakeside outdoor Tai Chi classes will reoccur every:

~ Monday @ 9:30 am
~ Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

Together, we will find the healing benefits of tai chi while we experience grounding, chi flow, gentle movement, and chi kung breathing.

Once an understanding of the principles and fundamentals of tai chi are felt, we will explore tai chi as a moving meditation as we learn to flow through the Yang 37 Posture Form.

Shade for classes graciously provided by the trees, with an option of being underneath a large tent in case of rain. Please bring extra water and bug spray if desired. Masks may be worn if desired, and physical distancing steps are in place.

Classes are $10 requested exchange; class passes available upon request.

Reach out to Adrian VanKeuren at taichiavk@gmail.com or www.taichiavk.com with any questions, or to preregister for classes.

To stay updated on classes, weather impacts, etc. You can follow the Facebook page for these events here: https://www.facebook.com/events/269342267718435/?event_time_id=269342307718431

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